All our powered float craft products are designed to accept a Group 24 Deep Cycle, Continuous use Marine Battery (not included).  You may also use a 12 volt tractor, car or wheel chair battery.  However, the Deep Cycle batteries provide the maximum performance available.
We have field tested various types of batteries from all the major battery manufacturers.  The chart below will provide general field test results.



Field Test Comments 


Dual Pro Lightning LS2200

In our quest for an acid-less battery that would meet our performance parameters, we field tested the top manufacturers.  The Sales and Engineering staff at Dual Pro were very helpful and customer service friendly.  Following our testing, it is our determination that the Dual Pro Lightning Series batteries offer the best value. Also, they are the most advance AGM battery ever offered in their class.  It is recommended to use the Dual Pro charging system for optimal performance.<


This was the first battery that Dan and Mark used during the development of the Pow-R-Tube and Pow-R-Pac.  Twin terminals allow you to use one for your electric motor and the other for powering electronic accessories.  The built-in hydrometer which displays the state-of-charge is nice too.  Both Dan and Mark agree, this battery is unequaled for value and performance.<


In keeping with their field trial program, Mark picked up a  Nautilus Gold deep cycle marine battery from Exide.  The retail price of this battery is comparable to the AC Delco.  Following their extensive testing of both batteries, they soon realized that Exide's operating capacity fell short of the AC Delco.  It is a good battery, but the AC Delco offers better value.<


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